4 Reasons to File a Lawsuit After a Car Crash

4 Reasons to File a Lawsuit After a Car Crash

If you’re the victim of a devastating car crash that’s caused you to suffer injuries and damages, it is hopeful that the insurance company will do the right thing and offer a fair settlement mount, given the responsible party has the coverage to cover the injuries. Sadly, it doesn’t always happen this way and injury victims find themselves wondering what to do. The next step that you should take is to set up a consultation with a law office cranston ri.

Filing a lawsuit may be right for your needs. Four reasons to file a lawsuit after a car accident:

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1.    The insurance company doesn’t offer a fair settlement amount. It is true that the insurance company is looking out for their best interests, but if they don’t offer a fair amount after an accident, you shouldn’t accept the offer and instead should speak to an attorney.

2.    The responsible party did not have enough insurance to cover the costs of the accident. So often, state required policies aren’t enough to cover serious accidents, but most drivers only carry this coverage.

3.    You want punitive damages. You won’t get any money for pain and suffering or other punitive damages if you settle with the insurance company, but this may be ash that you expect. If so, talk to an attorney.

4.    Do you want to take a stand and ensure that no one else suffers the same fate as you have from the driver of the other automobile? When you file a lawsuit, it certainly makes an impact on the life of the responsible party as much as it has you own life.

There are time limits in place in which you can file a lawsuit after an accident. It is in your best interests to speak to an attorney quickly after an accident to ensure that you get the justice you deserve.